Brain and Zombie

"Toady hold my calls, I'm going out to save the world!"

- Professor Brawn

Game Information

  • Release Date: January 11, 2013
  • Platform(s): iOS and Android
  • Genre: Physics Arcade
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Brain and Zombie is part action and part physics puzzler - all for the power of science! After an accident in the lab, Professor Brawn has been transformed into a giant brain… But no matter! With this transformation comes his newfound crushing intellect, making him more than a match for the dimwitted hungry zombies.

Maneuver Professor Brawn on your quest to save the world. Destroy the zombies to complete each level. Break trash cans, barrels, boxes, and other obstacles to make your brain more awesome!

You have been transformed into a giant brain who is self-tasked with saving the 5 monstrous worlds, each complete with their own set of levels where you must break items in order to squish zombies with your oversized frontal lobes. Bouncing off walls, avoiding acid pools, dodging lumber saws, sliding around on ice, are just a few of the things you will need to do to. Featuring a variety of different enemy types each with their own behaviors who are all wanting to taste your intellect. When you are done you then get to grind everything together for mulch coins to give to your assistant Toady to upgrade your brain. Why? It is all for the betterment of science. Items and power ups, not your thing? Get a hat! There are lots and lots of hats, many with their own scientific power. Go wild. It is all up to you to save the world. BECAUSE IT’S SCIENCE!


Brain and Zombie was the game where we put the lessons of Garden 2 Go into practice. Fresh of Ed Meets the Dentist, Garden 2 Go, and with college degrees hanging on the wall, we sat down to tackle our first major game since Garden 2 Go. This was the game that really made us a solid team with the help of game designer Glenn Gamble. Original conceived as a board game, Brain and Zombie was our first fully voiced, fully animated, multileveled game with unlockables. We applied the principle that every part of a game needs to be fun in its own right to create our first toy box experience where each mechanic and feature is fun on it’s own but together you have a strong game. With Brain and Zombie, we set out to make a game that makes people smile.



"Addictive. Hilariously fun. Who doesn't love smashing zombies while sporting fashionable headgear?" -


"...My brain is ready to fight zombies with all the right accessories." -

No chance no game

"This is meeeeeepin cool man" -


"Your game is pleasant, that is all." -