Cat Juggling

"Ahh cat juggling, the sport of kings. It really is the simple things in life."


Move your thumbs to move his hands and keep those cats in the air, in this quick to learn reflex challenge. But cats only have nine lives and so do you, so be quick. Or if cats aren’t your speed, juggle fruit or even those adorable little puffballs, the Greebles. Choose from a variety of jugglers to boot!

  • Cats
  • Juggling
  • Music
  • More Cats

Ok, seriously this game is about juggling cats for as long as you can. That's it. Odds are you'll go insane before you actually lose so just enjoy the sweet beats and try not to question the life decisions that led you to this moment.


Okay, so one day Patrick really wanted Italian food. As he and Glenn (the future designer of Brain and Zombie, so take that for what you will) were slouching in a pasta-induced stupor, out of the blue Glenn said “You know hat would be fun?! Cats!” Patrick spat out his stromboli and cried “You’re mad!” A week later, Cat Juggling was complete.