Garden 2 Go


Have you ever wanted to carry your own garden around in your pocket, always ready to go. Well you have very specific interests! And today is your day. Grow 12+ different kinds of plants, in your own virtual garden. Protect your little plot until you can take the produce to market, then use your profits to expand your garden to grow even more produce and make even more profit. And there’s the vicious cycle.

  • Grow a variety of plants
  • Weather variation
  • Watch it all burn

Ok, seriously this game is about juggling cats for as long as you can. That's it. Odds are you'll go insane before you actually lose so just enjoy the sweet beats and try not to question the life decisions that led you to this moment.


Garden 2 Go was a major learning experience for the whole team. It really taught us scope and what our team was capable of at the time. What we made was a very different beast from what we aimed for. But even more humbling were the emails we received from parents thanking us for inspiring their children to take up real gardening. It showed us that a game didn’t need to be extravagant to bring joy to people’s lives. Garden 2 Go set the stage for what we are today.