Greeble HD


Tap on the Greebles as they fall before the ravenous Litchkin gobbles them up. Be prepared though, the more you save, the hungrier the monster gets and the faster the Greebles fall. Challenge your reaction and hand-eye coordination with simple yet addictive gameplay.

  • Short play sessions for on-the-go play.
  • Infinite potential playtime.
  • Challenge your previous score.
  • It certainly has music.


Our first game, released back in April 2009 as part of the then newly launched iTunes App Store, we took our first leap in making games and created Greeble. We wanted to build something simple and fun, easy to pick up and with mobile in mind by creating play scenarios that were short but with repeatable playability. Some ideas like the Greebles falling from a nest because the Litchkin is shaking their tree were discarded only to be brought back in Greebles.

In July of 2014, we updated the game to both improve on the experience and prepare the team to work on Greebles in a brand new game engine, Greebles


R2v1 V1nd1r

"Love it. Game's simple yet pretty fun" -


"The graphics look sharp, and the new animations are a nice touch..." -


"If only I could give 69 stars. But I guess 5'll do..." -


"I think this is a great game if u have not goten this game u should get it because it goes faster and faster each time and it gets exciting each time!!!!!!!!!" -