"Just as the prophecy foretold."

- Sage Greeble

Game Information

  • Release Date: December 2016
  • Platform(s): iPhone and iPad
  • Genre: Reflex Arcade
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In this colorful, quirky world the fate of the Greebles, nay, the entire world, rests in your hands. The monstrous Litchkin and his equally colossal cronies are coming and only your quick thinking and even quicker fingers can save the falling Greebles from being devoured whole by these ravenous monsters. Follow the fancy Draper and his not quite as fancy sidekick, Squire, on their quest to revive and unite the greeble seeds that will take them across a strange and quirky world as they discover long forgotten secrets and fulfill an ancient prophecy. But don't let the threat of imminent monster attacks spoil the beautiful, paper texture art of the Greebles' world.

Epic Story

Experience 13 levels of gameplay that take you through the whole saga of the Greebles and their titanic enemies. The only hope that the Greebles have are in Draper and the Prophecy that old Sage Greeble keeps mentioning…

Infinite Challenge

In the spirit of the original Greeble, test your skills against a never-ending wave of falling Greebles. How long can you survive?

Feel the Power!

Master the unique powers of five different kinds of Greebles and use them to defeat the rampaging beasts that threat the survival of Greeble-kind!